• Low-Speed, High-Torque Motor has Wealth of Features

    1. Applications requiring heavy loads to be accelerated from rest, such as this portable concrete mixer, stand to benefit from Fluidyne Fluid Power’s new 500 Series low-speed, high-torque motors.

    ​Geroler-type hydraulic motors have a great reputation for delivering low-speed, high-torque power. Their compact design also makes them the first or only choice when space is tight — especially because they drive loads directly without needing a speed-reducing gearbox.

    However, some designs of geroler motors exhibit internal leakage that prevents them from starting loads effectively from rest. The internal leakage allows fluid to bypass pressure chambers and some of it flow through the motor’s case drain. The result of this bypass is reduced starting torque.

    2. Fluidyne’s heavy duty 500-Series motors target low-speed, high-pressure applications.

    ​Fluidyne Fluid Power, Fraser, Mich., resolves this issue with its new heavy duty 500-Series Motors. The 500-Series motors are available in 11 nominal displacements from 125 to 750 in.3/rev. (7.20 to 45.45 cc/rev.). The motors’ valve-in-rotor design efficiently distributes oil and reduces overall motor length. A pressure-compensated balance plate improves volumetric efficiency at low flow and high pressures. They feature bi-directional rotation and a high-pressure Viton shaft seal that eliminates the need for a case drain.

    Joan Armstrong, engineering manager at Fluidyne, explains, “These motors are especially suited for low-speed, high-pressure applications with smooth rotation throughout speed transitions. The hydrostatic balance pressure plate flexes to allow for proper lubrication and high operating efficiency. Plus, the combination of shafts, mounts, and displacements let you configure these motors to almost any application requirements.”

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  • Toshiba Machine Rounds Out Its THL Scara Robot Line With Addition Of Longer Arm Length Models

    TM Robotics (Americas) Inc. now markets a complete line of affordable and lightweight THL Series SCARA robots, with the addition of its extended arm length THL800, THL900 and THL1000. Offering Toshiba Machine’s longest arm lengths, 800mm, 900mm and 1000mm respectively, these three new models efficiently move payloads up to 10kg over a long distance.
    Toshiba Machine’s complete THL Series SCARA robot line also includes the THL300 and THL400, featuring the maximum payload capacity in their class, as well as the THL500, THL600 and THL700.
    All THL Series robots are equipped with lightweight die cast aluminum arms, with working envelopes of 4 axes and 360º Z-axis rotation. THL robots also feature less complex, easy-to-maintain gearboxes and motors. The THL’s high RPM motor results in the highest speeds in its class compared to other SCARA robots of similar size. For more information about Toshiba Machine System Robotics, click here.
    Low-cost and lightweight THL Series SCARA Robots are ideal for price-conscious end-users, and system integrators looking to incorporate automation. The THL800, THL900 and THL1000 are ideal for the assembly of medical devices, food packaging, pharmaceutical processing, and semiconductor and electronics.
    Toshiba Machine’s TSL3000 Controller was developed exclusively for the THL Series. It includes USB compatibility as standard, while Field Bus is available as an option. Storage capacity totals are approximately 6400 point + 12800 steps. The programming language is SCOL (similar to BASIC).

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  • New Product Announcement From AutomationDirect — AEGIS Powerline Filters

    AutomationDirect now offers AEGIS powerline filters/surge protectors to protect single-phase electrical and electronic equipment from surges and line noise that can cause misoperation and damage. With multiple levels of surge protection, AEGIS series units guard against surges and clean up line noise.


    Available in premium filter and premium hybrid models, the powerline filters react instantly to changes in voltage regardless of phase angle or polarity; the premium hybrid model is ideal when the highest level of RFI/EMI protection is required.


    AEGIS powerline filters are 35mm DIN rail-mountable and feature LED status indicators; premium hybrid models also feature alarm contacts. The compact design contains no replaceable parts or items which require periodic maintenance. Available models provide up to 75 dB of filtering and up to 60 kA of surge protection. All units meet the latest UL safety standards for SPD (surge protective device) and EMI filtering protection.


    Specifically designed to protect against the full spectrum of transient disturbances, the AEGIS series is engineered to filter the entire sine wave. As a result, AEGIS devices are effective against both low and high-energy transients to prevent immediate equipment damage and failure of sensitive electronic equipment over time.


    Backed by a 10-year warranty, AEGIS powerline filters prices start at $190.


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  • New Ultrasonic Sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs Provide Pushbutton Programming for Quick, Easy and Software-free Configuration in Most Applications

    Pepperl+Fuchs introduces Series IO Ultrasonic Sensors. These IO-Link compatible sensors establish a new level of versatility and convenience with simple pushbutton programming. Pushbutton programming provides fast and easy on-site sensor parameterization without requiring any software. IO-Link compatibility unlocks a series of control functions that customize the sensor for installation in the most challenging environments. These parameters can be viewed and modified on-the-fly via an IO Link controller, or via a PC. 


    “Using the pushbuttons, a user can configure Series IO ultrasonic sensors to use numerous modes, including pump-up/pump-down, rising/declining analog slope and beam width adjustments, among others. The pushbuttons also configure trip points, output function, output behavior, and even the shape of the sound cone,” says Marcel Ulrich, Product Manager. “High-visibility green and yellow LEDs verify power and target status, and also assist with pushbutton programming.”


    Series IO ultrasonic sensors have UL, CSA and CCC approval, and feature a completely sealed, IP67-rated housing, making them suitable for use in outdoor application environments. Additional features include two programmable switch outputs, latching mode and window functions, synchronization options and temperature compensation. They are available in switch point and analog versions, both available with 500 mm, or 2, 4 or 6 m sensing ranges. All units are 30 mm diameter by overall length of 93 mm. 


    “For expanded parameter access and programming, Series IO sensors are also configurable through IO-Link and PactWare software. In fact, for users with an IO-Link controller, one of the most significant benefits of IO-Link is the ability to modify and monitor sensor parameters on the fly,” says Ulrich.


    IO-Link opens up an entirely new dimension of configuration and communication of and with sensors, enabling them to be uniquely customized to the application at hand. IO-Link is based on an intelligent point-to-point connection system on the field level. IO-Link systems offer intelligent sensing without being tied to a proprietary system, and operate independent of the field bus.


    An IO-Link master can have one or several ports, with one IO-Link device connected to each port. Thus IO-Link is point-to-point device communication, and allows I/O-signals to be connected to standard systems via the IO-Link master. Additionally, for the use of intelligent sensors, IO-Link offers advantages such as:


    Simplified installation

    Replace parallel wiring

    Replace analog signal types

    Standardize interfaces and cables

    Modular machine support

    Automated parameter setting

    Automated parameter setting

    PC assisted parameter setting

    Expanded diagnostics

    Remote diagnostics down to the field device level

    Cable break detection

    Device-specific diagnostics

    Pepperl+Fuchs is a world leader in the design, manufacture and application of high quality factory and process automation products and services. Pepperl+Fuchs pioneered the development of proximity sensors 50 years ago, and has set the standard for innovation and quality ever since.


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  • SEW-Eurodrive: Right-Angle Gear Motors

    Units include a robust aluminum housing in a compact and light-weight design. They are lubricated for life and may be mounted in any orientation (except M4) with the same amount of oil. Offering low gear ratios for high output speeds, their wear-free gears are said to minimize friction for optimal efficiency and create little noise. According to the company, the first stage helical gearing and the second stage hypoid gearing combination of the W37 & W47 Spiroplan provide high mechanical efficiency and low energy consumption compared to worm gear units.

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