The advanced efector gwr microwave sensing units from ifm electronics offers high-quality operations and is ideal for variety of application purposes.

The three innovative series of the level sensing device is sensitive and can be installed without any complications, hence can be deployed for measuring the levels of various cleaning solutions, aqueous media, oils or coolants. ifm electronic provides the efector gwr systems with optional analogue and switching output (LR3000) or with two (LR700) or four (LR8000) switching feedbacks.

Efector gwr microwave sensors

The latest sensor unit features a sense head, coaxial pipe and a probe. The microwave radiations are communicated to the probe by means of the sensor head. When the microwave radiation collides with the target medium it gets scattered and thus analyzed by the sensing unit. The device can be integrated in the tank and the probes can be shortened based on the requirement for fitting them independently between 100 mm and 1600 mm. The coaxial pipe in the device facilitates its operation in low dielectric states.

The arrangement is carried out using a suitable guideline and the updated level can be monitored constantly from the four-figure alphanumeric display.


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