NSK has published a free, pocket- sized guide detailing its market-leading range of linear motion equipment, which is one the most comprehensive and innovative in the world, encompassing everything from linear guides to high technology, Megatorque motors for precision direct drive applications.

Divided into six easy- to- read sections, and extending to 85 pages, the pocket guide provides the most concise and comprehensive guide to NSK’s linear motion products. Ideal for use by design engineers, the pocket guide is a mine of useful information, providing general data on equipment types, and easy- to- assimilate graphics that enable engineers to assess the benefits of, for example, groove configurations on linear guides for load carrying capacity and impact loads.
Section one of the booklet, running to over 20 pages, is devoted to linear ball guides: six configurations, including the standard LH and LS, LW, PU, PE and Translide series are all featured, with full sizing information via convenient charts; and the technical aspects of the guides are also displayed with the help of simple graphics.
Successive sections are devoted to higher capacity linear roller guides; linear guide accessories, including NSK’s unique K1 lubricating unit; the Monocarrier – a linear device that overcomes the installation, alignment and set-up problems of discrete ballscrew/linear guide combinations by the integrating the components into precision single axis feed mechanism; ballscrews; and the Megatorque, a direct drive electric motor that requires no gearbox, consequently it delivers zero backlash, high positioning accuracy and repeatability
Free copies of the pocket guide are available via NSK’s Freephone service Tel: 0500 2327464. Callers should quote the catalogue reference LIN/B/E/06.11, and also the title of the publication: ‘Pocket Guide Linear Motion’.
mail: info-uk@nsk.com Website: www.nskeurope.com


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