WEG equipment drives theme park

From eurekamagazine Thursday, November 5, 2009

WEG motors, inverters and soft starters are providing safe and efficient operation on all types of equipment at Beto Carrero World; the largest theme park in Latin America.

Many of the rides and supporting equipment rely on WEG motors, inverters and soft starters; from its rollercoaster to water pumps and compressors.
Hugo Loth Neto, the operations director of Beto Carrero World says the development and assembly of the drive center of the Big Wheel, “has four motors, each one of 7.5hp. Another challenge was the development of the daring and highly original Water Empire project, with six 150hp motors in the water pumps, a wet transformer of 1,000kVA, and a dry one of 1,500 kVA. In addition, the latest attraction of the park, the Rollercoaster Firewhip, also relies upon WEG equipment: it has a Static AC/DC Converter of 130kW 380V with a DC motor of 130kW.”


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